Welcome to Critically Consumed!

I’ll be here analysing fiction while drinking the glorious beverage that is good ol’ English Breakfast tea.

*waves to the world*

*sips tea*

What will I be discussing?

I’m a pretty eclectic reader and Netflix-consumer, but character-based fantasy and sci-fi are my favourite jam.

Mostly, I’m searching for fiction that reads like something you pick up for fun but has depth that lasts. An intriguingly imagined fantastical world added into the mix? I’m exceedingly happy.

When will I post?

I have a tendency to start creative projects and then find that they… um… disappear. So I will be posting every Tuesday evening on schedule.

If you don’t hear from me then, you can barge up to my website-door, knock loudly, and leave an angry Tripadvisor review about deceiving opening hours.

Who am I?

I’m pop-culture-consumed girl in my twenties.

To give you a flavour of my tastes, here’s some of the books I’ve read this month:

What will I post? Here is a guide to the next three Tuesdays:

  • TV Review: after Rachel Bloom’s Emmy win for Season 4’s La La Land parody “Antipressants are so not a big deal”, “Why Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is still so a big deal”
  • Ilona Andrews: my brain vs. my heart” on what keeps me coming back to their books (and fantastic author’s blog!) every time.

If you’ve read to the bottom of this, you’re clearly awesome, so type in your email & my next post can slide into your inbox 🙂